Intelligent factory --- “Bridal Power Station”

The Wedding the beginning of everyone’s dream.
Our job is to help our customers feel their happiest on their wedding day.
We are striving to be the Asian leader in the bridal fashion production and distribution field.
Our factory, which we call “Power Station”, is a high-tech, energy saving factory using the latest computer network systems to connect production and distribution.
To be most efficient and effective, we believe, that high-tech and handcrafting must go hand in hand. We use high-tech machines, and continually train our experts.
We are working hard to catch up and surpass our competitive European counterparts whose Quality of materials and skills have been so overwhelming.

Handmade work by our long experienced craftsmen

The first thing we do when we receive a customer’s order is to create a “Customer card”, with each customer’s name on it.
It comes before preparing the pattern and the cutting the fabric. “Customers come first.” That’s our motto.
The “Customer card” accompanies the gown at each and every stage - cutting the fabric, sewing the gown, putting on the finishing touch and inspecting the final creation. we feel she is always there.
Imaging her happy smile, our staff puts heart and soul into the making of each gown. Working hard, and feeling as though the customers is always present is the secret of the high quality of our gowns. The entire process of making the gown is mainly done by hand.

The fabric comes with stitching instructions, but we don’t just follow them. We believe like humans, fabrics have their own characteristics. Therefore, we feel we can’t know what is the best way to sew the gown until we actually see the cloth and feel its texture for ourselves. Most of our work is done by hand.
This is what makes each gown “Exclusive”.

We at ALPHA BLANCA feel that our strength is in “making high quality exclusive gown”. Our craftsmen do just this. Unlike machines which produce cookie cutter dresses, our craftsmen realize that “one size” does not fit all.
Keeping in mind, both the bride and the fabric, our craftsmen make the subtle but highly significant changes which create a unique and personalized gown.

“Making things of the highest quality, which can not be found elsewhere”.

This is what we, ALPHA BLANCA, are proud of.

Beautiful things only come out of beautiful factories.

Forget the conventional image of other factories.
Our workplace has a modem and stylish look created with brightly colored floors and high ceilings.
Because we believe “From good atmosphere comes inspiration, from inspiration comes beauty”, our workplace is highly organized and functional.
Much thought and a lot of trial and error went into the placement of cutting boards and sewing machines and the storage of materials and samples.
We are continually making adjustments so that our craftsmen can work both efficiently.

We believe that to be at the leading edge of our industry -- to try to be a trend-setter-- we need to use state-of-the-art equipment. We are one of the first companies in the Japanese wedding industry to use both a CAD and an overseas network system.

Quality control is important. We use cloth inspection and stray pin meters. To make closer and more careful inspections of the gowns we have two sets of special flooring and lighting.
ALPHA BLANCA ST has attracted much interest. Many people, including customers, people in the bridal industry, even government officials and educators have come to se us at ALPHA BLANCA ST. They say our factory is quite inspiring.
We have received the “Good Design” award. We are the first to receive this award for the most beautiful and functional factory in Japan.

“I want to wear the gowns they make here!”

This is what we want to hear our customer say.
We promise to maintain our high standards and to continue creating “Exclusive” gowns.

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